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4,5 sterren uit 39 beoordelingen
9 apr 2020 om 21:54 I did not get all the extra’s I ordered and paid for: extra artichokes, anjovis etc
5 apr 2020 om 21:20 Alles perfect in orde
29 mrt 2020 om 20:39 The food was good, I really like this restaurant. However, the delivery was a disaster!! A part of the pizza was out of the box when the delivery guy take it from the orange delivery box. Besides the all the toppings were scattered. Terrible service!!
7 mrt 2020 om 22:28 Echte Italiaanse pizza! Super lekker!
5 mrt 2020 om 17:31 lekkere italiaanse pizza, en echte pasta carbonara
30 jan 2020 om 12:25 Pizza was lekker maar koud bij levering. Gelukkig heb ik een oven.
27 jan 2020 om 9:15 Pizza arrived 40 minutes after the delivery guy picked it up from the restaurant. Pizza was cold & squashed as it was vertical in the bag. I rang and they told me they'd refund the full amount. Day after i got an email with 10% discount!?
24 dec 2019 om 9:35 Pizza ijskoud na een rit van 20min ook al wonen we op 3min afstand
21 dec 2019 om 18:20 Very good pizza